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Kingdom of the Netherlands

The Netherlands (through the Dutch East and West India Companies) once ruled a vast worldwide empire of trade and has been in a constant battle with the sea to save its lands. It's prosperity comes from flowers, electronics, oil and agricultural industries.
The capital city Amsterdam, the currency is the Euro, and Dutch is the official language, although Fries is spoken in Friesland and a local dialect is used in the Limburg province.

A population of 15,878,000 occupy 12 provinces within 33,920 sq km (13,097 sq miles).

The country has temperate marine conditions with cool summers and mild winters especially along the coastal areas at 52 30'N, 5 45'E
The land is flat, averaging only 37' above sea level. Much of the land below sea level is reclaimed and protected by 1,500 miles of dikes. There are some hills in southeast.



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