Country Profile Tangier - Morocco  

Tangier - After breakfast and the art auction, we came in to port around noon. Ran into several "guides" who wanted $25 per person to tour, so continued on. Met up with Lou and Lars who were negotiating with Rashid. He became the guide for the four of us ($25 total payable on completion of the tour). Rashid walked us out of the port and into the Kasbah area, across small streets and cool alleys to the Grand Socco. Here we were shown an herb seller, doctor and dentist (with a line of patients waiting), the expanse of the large market area, a good view of the town, then stopped into the English Church to see their gardens - the groundskeeper also showed us the beautiful painted ceiling of the church. Down and through a local market with 18-24" aisles, tons of fresh produce, dried and fresh herbs, live chickens and boxes of cats (hopefully to keep the pest population down). Next we went to a co-op (Berber) and climbed to the top where we could see Betty Hutton's old house on top of the hill and were within about 50' of William Burroughs' mirror glass house, then on to the Kasbah Museum with its array of restored room, then the Continental Hotel (peeked in rooms including the "Royal Suite"), back down to narrow streets, a stop for postcards, and back to the ship for high tea, showers, siesta, dinner.

Amsterdam - Barcelona Journal September 4, 1999