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Amsterdam - Barcelona Journal

August 1999

Rouen, France

August 31


Rouen Slideshow

Enjoyed a light breakfast before picking up our rental car near the pier. It was relatively easy to get out of Le Havre and (of course) easy from there to drive to Rouen - stopped to get Francs in a small village, hopped back on the main road and made the trip in good time.

We started with view of Ste. Jeanne d'Arc, stopped for cool drink, and discovered we'd left the keys in the car. We returned to the parking garage and (fortunately) we had not locked the hatchback and so could (ungracefully) get to the key. We went to Notre Dame Cathedral - most impressive - 12th Century stained glass in fine condition - restoration well done - crypts of Richard Lionheart, Charles V, and William the Conqueror. Visited other "eglises" along the way as well as a black plague victims' cemetery. Saw the clock on the arch leading to Notre Dame - high Gothic architecture of the Justice Building. Had the good luck to hear an old pipe organ being played in Maclou - fine experience.  The church had 14th-century "surfaced" glass which was faded and drab compared to earlier vitrine. Fabulous Gothic architecture including "flying buttresses" (a favorite), took lots of photos. On our walk back to the car, we picked up an apple tartin and clair au chocolat - nice treat. Countryside drive back along the rive droite past several "abbayes", small towns, dairies, fields, forests, river views, stunning! Found car return by dead reckoning. Ate early, stopped by Michael's for a cigar and Metaxa - ready for early bed - tired but pleased with today's adventures. 


Rouen Government Building

Rouen has marvelous gothic architecture