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Republic of Turkey

Climate: Mediterranean coastal area have mild, rainy winters with mostly hot, dry summers. Inland, the higher elevations experience much colder winters.

The Capital City is Ankara, the currency is the Turkish Lira, and languages spoken are Turkish (official), Kurdish, Arabic, and others.

A population of 69,500,000 reside in 81 provinces on a land area of 769,630 sq km (297,154 sq miles), at 39 00'N, 35 00'E.

The European side is mostly rolling hills, while across the Bosphorus Strait into central Turkey there are wide plains, all surrounded by, and mixed with high, rugged mountains, many over 10,000 feet. Along the Mediterranean coast the land is lower and very fertile. The Tigras, Kizilirmak, Sakarya and Euphrates are major rivers, and Lake Van the largest lake.



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