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The Hellenic Republic

Greece is surrounded by the Aegean, Cretan and Ionian seas.  The country of Greece includes over 2,000 individual islands (most uninhabited), many quite small. Long a favorite of travelers, these islands are historic (back to the Bronze Age), and they present a beauty and culture unique to the planet.

The capital is Athens, the currency is the Drachma, and the official language is Greek, with English and French commonly spoken.

A population of 10,750,000 in 51 prefectures within 130,850 sq km (50,521 sq miles).

The temperate climate has wet winters and hot, dry summers. Cold winters (and snow) are common in the north. It is located at 39 00'N, 32 00'E.

Mountains cover 75% of the country with the Pindus Mountains running north to south. Coastlines are rugged, as well as the smaller islands.


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