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2 cloves garlic, minced
1 bay leaf
c white wine
1 Pound squid, cleaned and cut into small pieces
1 pinch each crushed rosemary and cayenne
1 large onion, chopped
2 c celery or fresh fennel bulb, chopped
2 green onions, chopped
1/3 c olive oil
4 medium potatoes, peeled and cut into 1/2 inch cubes
tsp pepper
tsp paprika
c chipped fresh basil
c chopped fresh parsley
2 c chopped tomatoes or chicken stock
2 tbsp tomato paste or chicken stock

In a large pot, add oil and vegetables, and cook over medium heat until tender. Add tomatoes or 2 c chicken stock, wine and seasonings. Cook 15 minutes. Add the squid; cook another 5-8 minutes (until tender). Remove bay leaf. Serves 4