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1 pound dried Peruano beans, or cannellini or navy beans 
1 slice of onion 
1 chipotle chile 
9 cups water 
4 slices meaty bacon 
2 andouille sausages (about 3/4 pound), sliced 
1/4 pound chorizo, crumbled or sliced 
1 tablespoon olive oil 
1 red onion, chopped 
1 tablespoon minced garlic 
1 to 2 teaspoons salt 
2 teaspoons dried oregano 

2 teaspoons oil 
3 dried ancho chiles, wiped clean with a damp paper towel 
1/4 cup crema mexicana or similar

Pick over the beans, checking for stones and debris, rinse, put in a large, heavy pot with the onion, chipotle and water, bring to a simmer, partially cover according to directions on package (usually about 2 hours or so). Be sure the beans stay covered by water and add more if needed. 

During the last half hour of cooking, prepare the rest of the chili. Fry the bacon in a heavy skillet over medium heat then transfer to paper towels to drain, saute the sausage slices in the bacon fat until brown, transfer to paper towels. Use the same pan and cook the chorizo over medium heat until done, transfer to paper towels. 

Drain off most of the bacon fat, leaving just a little crusty stuff in the pan, add the olive oil and onion, saute until almost golden, stir in the garlic and saute for a minute. Add the bacon, andouille, chorizo, onion and garlic to the cooked beans. Simmer for another 45 minutes to blend flavors. Taste the beans, season with salt to taste and stir in the oregano. Remove from heat. 

Start heating 2 tsp of oil in a small or pan, cut the ancho chile into strips and fry until toasty (2 minutes). Serve the beans topped with toasted chile strips and a drizzle of crema. Serves 6 to 8