Ghent - Belgium

May 10, 2005




A too early wake up call started us out feeling a bit puny, but after coffee we took the train towards Bruges, stopping at Ghent. A quick (cheap) tram ride to the old town center brought us to Sint Baus (St. Bavo's) catherdral to see their great organ, art and altar. It is quite large with many side chapels. On our way out, we ran into the McQs who had just finished lunch and were due to hop back on their tour bus. We chatted a bit, then headed off for a coffee at Den Turk, a jazz beer/coffee bar - warmed us up as it was a very chilly day with drizzle off and on. From there, we went up to the Sint Niklaaskerk, then down to the main canal where we had a boat tour with a very knowledgeable guide of the various architectural styles of Ghent. Very interesting town. From there, we trammed back and continued on the train to Bruges where we met up with the McQs, shared some wine and then headed out to eat around 8 pm. We were all too tired to do much else.